Passion Passport Shares Instagram Spotlight on Romana Lilic

Sayulita street scene. © LA76 Photography

We like to keep our passports handy.  Traveling – even if it’s just exploring small streets and remote places nearby our hometown – is just one of the things that keep us inspired, curious, and grateful for everything that surrounds us.  We were flattered when Passion Passport‘s team reached out to our owner Romana Lilic and asked if they could do a feature about our adventures and favorite places in Mexico.  Continue reading

Social Media Marketing Workshop


This week I gave a 2-day social media marketing workshop at Alegranza Resort, in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and I am really pleased with the response and things, which we were able to learn and achieve in 2 days. We will be having follow up sessions during the next month, as Fabiola and Lucero will be rolling their sleeves and dig into the social media world they have set up at the resort, but honestly, great work everyone!

What we have learned in these two days? Here is the overview of our social media marketing workshop:

SESSION 1: General Course on Social Media
• In this general course on social media we reviewed the basic rules and purpose of social media marketing, and got answers to 5 questions: WHO (which SM channels are available), WHAT (what is their purpose, and what can you do with them), WHY (why should we use them), HOW (how to use them), and WHERE (where to use them).  We also reviewed relevant social media success stories globally and locally.

SESSION 2: Identification of Key Social Media Channels for Alegranza resort
• In this part of the Social Media Marketing Workshop we identified which are our core social media channels, identified their target groups, and the way of use suitable for Alegranza. We reviewed social media channels that Alegranza is using now, review how they are used and the audience feedback. We identified opportunities and challenges we are currently facing on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, newsletter, and Trip Advisor.

SESSION 3: Social Media Tutorials
• In-depth look into our Key Social Media Channels. We reviewed tutorials for each individual social media channel, with their significant tools. We went through best practices and tips for their use. After this session, planning, managing and engaging in social media channels will be much easier for Alegranza Resort team.

SESSION 4: Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy
• In this session we learn how to create a multi-channel social media strategy, which will help us in our day to day engagements on social media channels. We developed a yearly and monthly social media editorial calendar, and a list of
topics, which will be our source of ideas, inspiration and content for further social media engagement.

SESSION 5: Measuring ROI of Social Media
• Social media management and a high number of followers doesn’t mean nothing if we don’t reach the results that we want. Within this session we learned about measuring social media channels and our return on investment. We learned how to create Social Media Reports and read the results we are achieving.

I am looking forward to following the progress of Alegranza team in their social media efforts!

If you are interested in a social media marketing workshop, be it for you personally, or for a company’s team, and would like my help with it, please send me an email to I custom prepare each social media marketing workshop or training based on your (your company’s) needs, on your level of experience, and needs.