Sayulita street scene. © LA76 Photography

We like to keep our passports handy.  Traveling – even if it’s just exploring small streets and remote places nearby our hometown – is just one of the things that keep us inspired, curious, and grateful for everything that surrounds us.  We were flattered when Passion Passport‘s team reached out to our owner Romana Lilic and asked if they could do a feature about our adventures and favorite places in Mexico.  Below is an excerpt, read the entire feature here.

They say love makes the world go around, but in my case, love made me go around the world. Ten years ago, I followed my heart and moved from Slovenia 10,000 km across the Atlantic Ocean to beautiful Mexico. Living in a place where others come for vacation is everything but a vacation for me! Contrary to what some may believe, I do not lay on the beach every day and drink piña coladas (although it doesn’t sound like a bad idea!). In Mexico, everything is different than back home, so I had to learn things from the beginning, with open eyes, attention, and child-like curiosity.  Adapting wasn’t easy, but it made me see life, people, culture, traditions, and daily occurrences with new eyes.  Ten years later, Mexico still continues to amaze and inspire me every day.  I believe living and working in a foreign country taught me to pay more attention, be humble, observe and listen, to see the small things, and ultimately become a better person.

– Romana Lilic

Read the entire article and see the photos here.