Why Do We Need Corporate Blogging?

Why do we need a corporate blog?“, “Do we need a corporate blog, if we already have Facebook Page and Twitter?“, “Is corporate blogging even necessary?“… These are just a couple of questions I often get asked. You already might imagine my answer – my answer is YES!

In the past years, since we’ve started helping our clients with their online presence, we have received an amazing feedback (both from clients and their customers), and some outstanding results, which made the investment in the online presence more than worth it. A research from Hubspot confirms our experiences.  So if you are hesitating to trust my word, here are some numbers to support it.  The Hubspot report “Marketing Benchmarks from 7000+ Businesses“, which shows some excellent statistics you might find useful in giving a reason and a meaning to your social media presence, has been made by analyzing more than 7,000 of their clients.

According to the report and our experiences, the more content you create, the more posts you publish, the greater your traffic and leads. And the more pages you have on your website, the more traffic you get.

corporate blogging 2

Keep adding pages to your website. Companies with between 51 and 100 pages on their site generate 48% more traffic than companies with between 1 and 50 pages.

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Both B2B and B2C companies with 101 to 200 pages generate 2.5 times more leads than those with 50 or fewer pages.

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As regards corporate blogging – the more posts you have, the higher will be your traffic.  And not only that; blogging also increases sales leads.  Companies that increase blogging from 3-5 times per month to 6-8 times per month almost double the number of leads they get. The number of leads generated also picks up substantially when you reach 300 pages on your site.

corporate blogging 4

Some other results by analyzed businesses:

  • Companies that blog 15 times or more per month get 5-times more traffic than companies that don’t blog.
  • B2B companies that blog only 1-2 times per month generate 70% more leads than those who don’t blog
  • An average company will see a 45% growth in traffic when increasing total blog articles from 11-20 to 21-50 articles.
  • B2C companies see a 59% increase in traffic after growing total blog articles from 100 to 200 total.
  • The average company with 100 or more total blog articles is more likely to experience continued lead growth.
  • Companies with over 200 blog articles have more than 5x the leads that those with 10 or fever.

Landing pages are another way to generate leads. the more of them you have, the better. companies experience a 55% increase in leads by increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15.

Twitter:  Companies with 51 to 100 followers generate 106% more traffic than those with 25 or fewer. B2C companies experience a larger increase in traffic than B2B companies after crossing 1,000 Twitter followers.

Facebook: The average company saw a 185% increase in traffic after crossing 1,000 Facebook likes.


What do You think? Do you have a personal or corporate blog? What are the results? I would love to hear your comments and thoughts in the comments below.


About the study: This Hubspot study “Marketing Benchmarks from 7,000+ Businesses” is based on real results from Hubspot’s 7,000+ customers. They analyzed the relationships between key inbound marketing activities and the volume of traffic and leads that correlate with those activities. Hubspot specifically looked at website pages, landing pages, blogging, and Twitter and Facebook reach.

You can download the entire study here.

21 Social Media Facts, Figures and Statistics for 2013


5 years ago social media was a novelty, but today, with more than billion users on some social media marketing networks, they have become a part of our daily lives, personally and professionally.

Here are some interesting social media facts, figures and statistics for 2013, as seen on Jeff Bullas’s blog here.  If you still need convincing your boss why social media marketing is important, if you need some social media facts to support your work, or to prepare yourself for what is up-and-coming in social media marketing world, you might find useful these social media info:

What are 2 key factors driving the social web in 2013?

According to a Global Web Index study it is:

  1. Mobile – with the number of people accessing the internet via a mobile phone increasing by 60.3% to 818.4 million in the last 2 years.
  2. Older users adoption – On Twitter the 55-64 year age bracket is the fastest growing demographic with 79% growth rate since 2012. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook’s and Google+’s networks are the 45 to 54 year age bracket at 46% and 56% respectively.

These 2 key factors are keeping the social web bubbling along. So maybe the reason your grandparents aren’t turning up to that dinner party is that they have now discovered Facebook and Twitter!

So let’s look at some of the facts, figures and statistics for the major social networks.


Facebook continues to grow and work out how to make money from its ads and mobile users.

Here are the latest facts and figures from its earnings call for the first quarter of 2013

  • Daily active users have reached 665 million
  • Monthly active users have passed 1.1 billion for the first time
  • 751 million mobile users access Facebook every month
  • Mobile only active users total 189 million
  • Mobile now generates 30% of its ad revenue up from 23% at the end of 2012


Twitter is the fastest growing social network in the world by active users according to a Global Web Index Study.

So how does that translate into hard numbers?

  • 44% growth from  June 2012 to March 2013
  • 288 million monthly active users
  • That means that 21% of the world’s internet population are using Twitter every month
  • Over 500 million registered accounts
  • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds, registering an increase in active users of 79%


When you wanted to watch a video it used to be VCR, then it became a  DVD player, then we moved onto cable networks and now it is YouTube.

These numbers from YouTube’s own blog put some perspective on it penetration into our culture and time.

  • 1 billion unique monthly visitors
  • 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month
  • This means that 50% more hours of video are watched in March 2013 compared to last August when it was 4 billion hours a month and last May when it was 3 billion.
  • YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network


Google+ is making an impact on the social media universe and is now the second largest social network.

What are some of the numbers on Google’s social network built to protect it from Facebook’s growth and data capture to ensure it remains relevant?

It is Google’s social layer that enhances it’s other online assets.

  • 359 million monthly active users according to a Global Web Index study
  • Its active users base grew by 33% from June 2012 through to March 2013


The largest professional business network on the planet continues to grow but not at the pace of Twitter or Google+

Here are some numbers from Visual.ly.

  • Over 200 million users
  • 2 new users join it every second
  • 64% of users are outside the USA

What do you think?

What do you think will be big in 2013 in social media marketing world? What tools and channels are working for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Social media icons image via Pinterest here.


Social Media Marketing Workshop


This week I gave a 2-day social media marketing workshop at Alegranza Resort, in San Jose del Cabo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and I am really pleased with the response and things, which we were able to learn and achieve in 2 days. We will be having follow up sessions during the next month, as Fabiola and Lucero will be rolling their sleeves and dig into the social media world they have set up at the resort, but honestly, great work everyone!

What we have learned in these two days? Here is the overview of our social media marketing workshop:

SESSION 1: General Course on Social Media
• In this general course on social media we reviewed the basic rules and purpose of social media marketing, and got answers to 5 questions: WHO (which SM channels are available), WHAT (what is their purpose, and what can you do with them), WHY (why should we use them), HOW (how to use them), and WHERE (where to use them).  We also reviewed relevant social media success stories globally and locally.

SESSION 2: Identification of Key Social Media Channels for Alegranza resort
• In this part of the Social Media Marketing Workshop we identified which are our core social media channels, identified their target groups, and the way of use suitable for Alegranza. We reviewed social media channels that Alegranza is using now, review how they are used and the audience feedback. We identified opportunities and challenges we are currently facing on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blog, newsletter, and Trip Advisor.

SESSION 3: Social Media Tutorials
• In-depth look into our Key Social Media Channels. We reviewed tutorials for each individual social media channel, with their significant tools. We went through best practices and tips for their use. After this session, planning, managing and engaging in social media channels will be much easier for Alegranza Resort team.

SESSION 4: Planning & Creating Multi-channel Social Media Strategy
• In this session we learn how to create a multi-channel social media strategy, which will help us in our day to day engagements on social media channels. We developed a yearly and monthly social media editorial calendar, and a list of
topics, which will be our source of ideas, inspiration and content for further social media engagement.

SESSION 5: Measuring ROI of Social Media
• Social media management and a high number of followers doesn’t mean nothing if we don’t reach the results that we want. Within this session we learned about measuring social media channels and our return on investment. We learned how to create Social Media Reports and read the results we are achieving.

I am looking forward to following the progress of Alegranza team in their social media efforts!

If you are interested in a social media marketing workshop, be it for you personally, or for a company’s team, and would like my help with it, please send me an email to info@LA76.com. I custom prepare each social media marketing workshop or training based on your (your company’s) needs, on your level of experience, and needs.


Social Media Marketing Tip: Following Up with Reading On The Go


One of my favorite recent discoveries is SoundGecko App, which will, in just a few seconds, turn your favorite websites, blogs and articles on your reading list, documents and more into audio, which you can listen on the go; in your car, while walking your dog (that’s what I do), laying at the beach, vacationing at your favorite resort, in the gym, on the plane and anywhere else.

If you are worried that you would have to listen to a robot reading the documents  – don’t. It almost sounds like having the documents read live by your friend or colleague. It’s that good!

The new version of SoudGecko has a new set of “stations” that will serve you content based on your interests, push notifications when an article is ready for listening, a speed boost, and the ability to add articles right from the SoundGecko app itself.

Get SoundGecko for iTunes (there is a Free and Pro version), Android, and Windows iPhone.

What is your new favorite app or tool that keeps you more efficient and productive? I’d love to hear about it in the comment below.

Lifestyle Villas, Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals


Romana Lilic joined the team of Lifestyle Villas, Vacation Rentals and Property Management company in Cabo San Lucas in order to help with their social media marketing and email marketing needs.

Lifestyle Villas, a division of Lifestyle Management Services, is a high end vacation rental company in Cabo, known for a superior service to their customers, unbeatable value when renting a property directly with them (you receive up to 400 USD added value in services) and anexperience that you and your loved ones will never forget.

The Lifestyle Villas team consists of more than 40 full time employees, professionals in vacation rental business (concierges, butlers, destination specialists, housekeepers, private drivers, …). The company’s villa rental program consists of a carefully handpicked selection of stunning beachfront, ocean & golf view villas and condominiums in Los Cabos’ most prestigious developments. On the contrary to other villa rental companies in the area, Lifestyle Villas manages every home they rent, and therefore are able to maintain superb quality standards in every property.

Together with the management, Romana Lilic has helped establish general social media marketing strategy, which we are implementing together with the Lifestyle team in communication andengagement with their guests, fans, travel agents, employees, and other supporters.

Besides social media marketing, LA76 Strategic Design is helping Lifestyle Villas to facilitate communications with their guests and Travel Agents. LA76 has designed an email marketing template for Lifestyle Villas and is creating monthly emails and occasional eblasts with special offers, new packages, and other news from Lifestyle Villas.

LA76 Strategic Design manages social media marketing and email marketing for Lifestyle Villas and provides ROI for implemented activities.

client | cliente: Lifestyle Villas, Vacation Rentals and Property Management
location | ubicación: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
date | fecha: December 2010 – February 2013

view project | ver proyectowww.lifestylevillas.net