Social Media Should be Just That – Social

How many times have you liked a post by a company or a brand you follow, commented on it, or asked a question – and received no reply?  I have, many many times.  And I don’t like it.  In today’s world, where it’s very hard to keep someone’s attention for more than a couple of seconds, we should appreciate fans and friends who actually take the time to engage with us, showing us that they appreciate the post, or are interested to find out more about it.  That’s why next time when someone comments on your post, take the time to say thank you and respond back. Continue reading

Social Media Tips: Get More From Meerkat and Periscope with Katch


If you love Meerkat and Periscope, but wish both of these apps would offer more functionalities than ‘just’ live streaming, try Katch!
Katch enables you to easily record, permanently archive and automatically publish your broadcasts from either of the apps with one tweet.  

How Katch works:
– Sign into and connect it to your Meerkat or Periscope accounts (or both)
– Open your favorite live streaming app
– Add #katch hashtag to your title
– Tap the Twitter icon so Katch can see your stream
– Katch starts recording your stream, including your comments and hearts
– After you end your broadcast, @KatchHQ will send you a link on Twitter
– Tap on the link to view your replay
– You can play, fast forward and rewind your video
– You can also view and scroll through all your comments
– All your broadcasts are stored permanently in the cloud.

Katch is a free app, sign up for it at

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Facebook Marketing Declines – What Should You Do About It?


Do you use Facebook to promote your business, and are wondering how the recent Facebook algorithm changes will affect your marketing?  I loved this social media marketing podcast episode by Michael Stelzner, interviewing Mari Smith and Jay Baer, who share some thoughts on the recent Facebook algorithm changes and give some tips on what should you do about it.

As AdAge writes, “Facebook is being more blunt about the fact that marketers are going to have to pay for reach.  If they haven’t already, many marketers will soon see the organic reach of their posts on the social network drop off, and this time Facebook is acknowledging it.  In a sales deck obtained by Ad Age that was sent out to partners last month, the company states plainly:  “We expect organic distribution of an individual page’s posts to gradually decline over time as we continually work to make sure people have a meaningful experience on the site.

In December, an article by Ignite Social Media showed that brands saw massive declines in organic reach that month.  Jay Baer says that a large number of brands on Facebook have seen a decline in organic reach, but there are other brands that have not been impacted by the change at all.  – What was your experience? Did you notice a decline, or not?

Mari Smith says – and I agree – you can have brand loyalty no matter what size your business is.  What is important is the quality content and how much your fans engage with it.

How to see how your organic reach is doing, and how to work on it?  Don’t forget to regularly check your Facebook Insights to see how your content is performing, and most importantly, which content is better perceived by your fans.  That way you can plan your Facebook strategy accordingly and offer your fans a content they enjoy, find useful, and engage in.

Jay Baer doesn’t think the new changes on Facebook are necessarily a reason to be concerned.  He feels it’s the natural evolution of what was formerly an immature industry, which is now more mature.  It’s becoming more about the media and less about the social.  It’s not as if Facebook doesn’t work anymore, it’s just different than it was before.  Mary Smith adds that besides advertising, she has put a lot more money into community building. She has developed a reputation for being someone who responds and now has a team whose sole job it is to respond to questions on her fan page.  – Question for you: Do you use your social media channels only for promoting your content, or to really engage with your fans and community?

You can listen to the entire podcast here, or see more notes from it on the Social Media Examiner page here. Cover image via Mashable.

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Instagram Video vs Vine: Which Mobile Video App to Use?

Image via Techcrunch.

Shortly after Twitter launched their mobile video service Vine, Instagram introduced their Instagram Video.  While clients often ask me what is better, if they should use one, the other, or both, the answer, in short, could be: depends.  It all depends on what you want to achieve, what kind of short videos are you (or your social media manager) able to do, and on the social media strategy that you already have in place.

Here are some of the differentiators between both, Instagram Video and Vine, which might help you decide on which video app functionality to use:

Image source: Techcrunch. Since they published the article Instagram enabled video embed and importing functionality, that’s why we corrected it with YES.

What I like about Instagram is that with 15 seconds you can create slightly longer videos, that you can add filters (although I realized that I hardly use them) and that you can import the video from your phone stream (it doesn’t have to be taken at the moment).

I think importing videos functionality has its pros and cons.  I like the importing function because sometimes it just feels better / easier to record the video with your phone’s camera.  I often take videos at the ocean and with the wind blowing too hard, the beautiful scenery becomes difficult to watch with the scratching sound of the wind – in such cases I find it useful to be able to correct the sound on my computer, and then upload to Instagram.  It would be very useful if Instagram adds a sound editor function as well.  On this point I like Viddy and Videolicious apps where you can add music to your videos from the app itself. With importing video functionality I wouldn’t like to see on my Instagram feed a flood of videos done professionally, and then uploaded to Instagram.

What I like about Vine best is its looping functionality, which can turn a 6 sec video into an endless stream of let’s say waves at the beach, sunset, fashion defile and so on. I also like it because of the creativity it encourages.  Many brands have embraced Vine with stunning, creative and fun videos, which I believe brings them closer to a new audience.

For example, Burberry, a 156 year old global fashion brand, has fully embraced Vine as part of its social media strategy, using the platform to showcase the runway show from AW13 London Fashion Week show:

LA76 Strategic Design’s Creative Director @MADianito has Vine as well, and I love how creative and fun is this post:

Which mobile video app are you using, Instagram or Vine? How do you use it? Which functionalities you like best? I look forward to hearing your comments or questions below.