How many times have you liked a post by a company or a brand you follow, commented on it, or asked a question – and received no reply?  I have, many many times.  And I don’t like it.  In today’s world, where it’s very hard to keep someone’s attention for more than a couple of seconds, we should appreciate fans and friends who actually take the time to engage with us, showing us that they appreciate the post, or are interested to find out more about it.  That’s why next time when someone comments on your post, take the time to say thank you and respond back.

What’s the purpose of being on social media, if we don’t want to be social?  That was our belief at LA76 since the very beginning, and when I saw this quote by Ryan Bonnici, I immediately adopted it!  We should always keep it present.

The ultimate goal of social media is to be just that – social – and we want to hear from our audience, learn what they like and dislike, and keep creating cool stuff for them to enjoy.
Ryan Bonnici, senior director of global marketing at HubSpot