[content_block title=”Public Relations” icon=”g”]LA76 team has been working in public relations industry since 1999; we’ve seen the birth of digital communications, emergence of social media and were able to adapt the craft of PR and marketing to the ever-changing communications world.[/content_block]

[content_block title=”Social Media” icon=”t”]We started using social media channels since their early days, even when our clients thought that they are just a chatting tool for the Gen-X. When they saw the direct results in 6-figure sales, the social media management was here to stay.[/content_block]

[content_block title=”Marketing” icon=”w”]Let us take care of your marketing needs. From ads, trifolds, brochures, to complete marketing strategies and more, we can help you create clear communication for your brand, service or product.[/content_block]

[content_block title=”Web Design” icon=”E”]Create a blog, a website or an online store for your business, product or service, or just for yourself.  We will help you create an online platform, which will satisfy your needs, and communicate clearly your brand values.[/content_block]

[content_block title=”Graphic Design” icon=”e”]Be it a logo, a complete corporate visual identity, a business card, poster, advertisement, brochure, magazine or a book, our experienced team can help with anything. Ask us for our portfolio![/content_block]

[content_block title=”Photography” icon=”A”]Photography is one of our greatest passions. See our photography portfolio in architecture, real estate, lifestyle, nature, food and wedding photography on[/content_block]

[content_block title=”Writing & Publishing” icon=”a”]Our team has been engaged in writing and publishing since 1999. What we write: a copy for your ad, a text for your website or brochure, blog posts, articles, and entire magazines. Ask to see our extensive portfolio – you’ll love it![/content_block]

[content_block title=”Speaking & Workshops” icon=”b”]If you want to learn more about social media and how to manage it properly to obtain the best results, but you don’t want to hire an agency, contact us for our consulting services. We are giving individual classes, courses for a team of professionals, or the entire company. We are available for speaking at your conference as well.[/content_block]

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