Marketing Tools: PlaceIt – Free Screenshot App

I came across this really cool marketing tool, called PlaceIt – Free Screenshot App, and thought you might find it useful as well.  It allows you to create professional-looking photos of your website running on various devices.


When you visit the website, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of different shots (stage types) to choose from; you can choose which electronic device you want your website or image to be displayed on, and what kind of setting would you like to have for it (restaurant, office, home, garden, kitchen, …).

Once you have chosen your shot, all you have to do is either upload an image or paste in the URL from the website you want to show on the screen of the device.  Within a few seconds you get a beautiful photograph, which you can download and use on your website or social media networks.


The free version has a tiny watermark over the image, and you have an option to purchase a plan if you want high resolution photos without the watermark.

I like this tool because it allows you to present your website, blog post, an article or any other web based content in this new creative way.  The app even recognizes if your website is responsive or not, and will show it accordingly on the selected screen.

You can try it here.

Location Marketing: Foursquare Introduces Ads for Small Businesses


Foursquare Ads are a new kind of advertising made just for local businesses, which Foursquare introduced on October 14, 2013.  With this new offer, Foursquares offers to connect local businesses with the people nearby that are most likely to become customers.  I see them as a very useful location marketing tool for businesses like restaurants, boutiques or stores and places that want lots of walk-in traffic.

Senior Social Media Manager Caitlin Bergmann from Century 21 department stores, who have already tried Foursquare Ads said: “With Foursquare we are able to track how the ad was doing. Plus, we saw that people physically went into the store. With paid social ads in the past, I thought people saw it. It’s much better to tell a client that this person entered their store.”  See more success stories of businesses who have already used Foursquare Ads here.

foursquare-ads-dashHow Foursquare Ads work?

– Pay for actions. You only pay if someone acts on your ad – either by tapping to see your business details or by checking in at your business.
Reach people ready to buy. Make sure they visit you, not your competition — 78% of people who search locally on their phone make a purchase. (source: comScore local search usage study, 2013)
Attract customers that should be yours. Ads are shown to people nearby who are searching for something related or have been to similar places.

How do you create Foursquare Ads?

Creating a Foursquare ad is simple.  All you need to do is go to and build your ad – by choosing a great photo of your business and either offering a special or highlighting a great customer tip.  Then you set your monthly budget and push your ad live for people nearby to see.

After your ad has gone live, you can monitor how many people have viewed it, how many have tapped on it, and how many actually came into your store.  With Foursquare Ads you know what you are paying for – real actions and real customers.

Who will see your Foursquare Ads?

Foursquare Ads targets people based on two criteria: whether a person is near your business, and if they are likely to become a customer.  They base their judgment on the likeliness of a person to become a customer based on where they’ve checked in previously (for instance, at similar places in another part of town) or because they’re searching for something related to your business (for instance, ‘pizza’ if you’re a pizza parlor).

Where will your Foursquare Ad appear?

When someone opens Foursquare on their phone, they might see an ad when they search for a specific place to go, or on the first screen if Foursquare knows they frequent similar businesses.  They will never show an ad to someone who is already at your business.

Short 36 second video where Foursquare describes how Foursquare ads work.

If you would like to implement Foursquare Ads for your business, and would like help with it, you can contact me by leaving a comment on this blog post, or by sending me an email here.

Luxury Villa Collections, Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals


In July 2011 LA76 Strategic Design joined the team of Luxury Villa Collections, Vacation Rentals and Property Management in Cabo San Lucas in the field of marketing communications activities. LA76 has joined the company in its efforts to achieve better results in all communications activities, especially in public relations, marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, blog design and email marketing activities.


Luxury Villa Collections, is a Los Cabos Vacation Rentals and Property Management company, which has been successfully servicing clients for 9 years already. The company features a carefully picked collection of three to five bedroom villas and beachfront condominiums for those looking for a personalized Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals experience with five star 24/7 customer service.

Together with the management, Romana Lilic has helped establish general marketing communications strategy, which we are implementing together with the Luxury Villa Collections team in communication and engagement with their guests, fans, travel agents, employees, and other supporters.

You can find Luxury Villa Collections in following social networking sites:

– Luxury Villa Collections Blog
– Luxury Villa Collections on Facebook
– Luxury Villa Collections on Twitter, @LuxuryVilla
– Subscribe to Luxury Villa Collections newsletter

Besides marketing communication activities, LA76 Strategic Design is helping Luxury Villa Collections to facilitate communications with their guests and Travel Agents. LA76 has designed an email newsletter for Luxury Villa Collections and is creating monthly emails and occasional eblasts with special offers, new packages, and other news from Luxury Villa Collections.

LA76 Strategic Design manages social media marketing and email marketing for Luxury Villa Collections and provides ROI for implemented activities.

clientLuxury Villa Collections, Vacation Rentals and Property Management
location: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico
date: 2011 – ongoing

see client’s website:


LUXURY VILLA COLLECTIONS, corporate advertisement


The ad was done in cooperation with AB83 Studio.


LA76 Strategic Design designed the Luxury Villa Collections blog, we are writing and updating content and taking care of it’s maintenance.

Screen Shot 2011-11-10 at 10.29.22 PM


example newsletter




Website architecture, copywriting and photography selection for corporate website of high end residential community Pedregal, located in Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico.  From January 2008 – January 2013 Romana was Marketing Manager of Pedregal, and she was also managing social media channels for Pedregal (Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube).


Arquitectura del sitio web, redacción y selección de imagenes para el sitio web corporativo de la comunidad residencial de alto standing Pedregal, localizada en Cabo San Lucas asi como en la ciudad de La Paz, Baja California Sur, México.

client | cliente: Pedregal
location | ubicación: Baja California Sur, Mexico
date | fecha: 2008 – 2013

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Coldwell Banker Riveras


Website architecture, copywriting and photography selection for corporate website of real estate brokerage Coldwell Banker Riveras, #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in Mexico, located in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

From January 2008 – January 2013 Romana was also managing social media channels for Coldwell Banker Riveras (Facebook, Twitter, blog, YouTube).

Aquitectura del website, redacción y selección de imágenes para el sitio web de el corredor de bienes raíces Coldwell Banker Riveras, la franquicia Coldwell Banker #1 en México, localizada en Baja California Sur, México.

client | cliente: Coldwell Banker Riveras
location | ubicación: Baja California Sur, Mexico
date | fecha: 2009 – 2013

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Grupo Riveras, Los Cabos

pedregal spread_670

Corporate advertisement idea development, design and copywriting, for Grupo Riveras, a group of real estate and real estate development companies based in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Advertisements made for Coldwell Banker Riveras, Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, and Aguamarina project within Pedregal de La Paz.

Identification, preparation and implementation management of integrated marketing communications strategy for Grupo Riveras and it’s companies Pedregal de Cabo San Lucas, Pedregal de La Paz and Coldwell Banker Riveras. 

client | cliente: Pedregal
location | ubicación: Baja California Sur, Mexico
date | fecha: 2008 – 2013


*Photography by LA76 Photography.

villas aguamarina_670